An essential part of the Tube Mill which enables cutting of the tube to the preset length with no burr. The Cold Saw Cut-off system can easily handle all types of tube profiles -circular, square, rectangular, oval, etc. It is the most popular and commonly used technology across the world.

An HSS blade at controlled rpm and feed goes through the properly clamped tube without any heat generation at the tube, as all the heat is transferred to the chips.

Rollform has since long enjoyed the distinction of being the largest supplier of Cut-offs in India.


Model Tube OD (mm) Tube Thickness (mm) Mill Speed (m/min)
Min Max Min Max
RCC 38 10 38 0.5 3.0 150
RCC 76 16 76 0.7 4.0 150
RCC 90 21 90 0.7 4.5 150
RCC 114 25 114 0.9 5.0 100
RCC 127 26 127 0.9 5.0 100


This process called Cold Cutting, results in clean cutting of the end without the need for any end facing or de-chipping even in the hollow section.

The machine is totally numerically controlled and is very user friendly.

Well suited for low carbon and stainless steel, the machine is complemented with a Control Desk with the most modern MMI that provides the operator with the exact status of production and extensive fault diagnostics.

Designed to enable quick blade changes, this piece of equipment reduces down time to a minimum and ensures smooth and uninterrupted operation.

The synchronization is achieved with the use of AC servo motor control system for fastest response time and best results.

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