About ROllForm

The Company

Serving the steel Tube and Pipe Industry since 1992
Manufacturers of India's most advanced and fastest Cold Saw Cut-offs

Rollform Equipment is India’s leading manufacturer of equipment for pipe & tube production. Founded in the year 1992, the company has worked tirelessly towards excellence and has earned global acclaim. Our equipment is running smoothly worldwide, to the complete satisfaction of our valued customers.

Among our line of supplies is a complete range of Pipe and Tube Mill Machinery for structural, automotive, boiler, API and other applications, Tube Finishing Equipment and Slitting Lines - all manufactured under one roof in collaboration with M/s Manfred Olk Rohrwerkstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Our in house design section is duly equipped with 3-D software like COPRA, Pro- Engineer by PTC, USA and Solid Edge by Siemens, Germany.

Rollform also has the distinction of being a leading supplier of on line NC Flying Cold Saw Cut-off which facilitates burr free tube cutting.

With the use of our Cold Saw our customers are able to cut their tubes with an excellent finish, without having to end-face them. This feature is particularly advantageous for square and rectangular tubes and helps provide a definite edge over competition.

Most parts of Rollform machines are produced in-house on CNC machines. With our supporting team of highly experienced and trained professionals, we have the capacity to meet the challenging requirements of the industry at highly competitive prices.

We are consortium partners with Danieli W + K Industrie Technik GmbH & Co. KG for the production of small Tube Mills in India. Simec S.R.L Italy has been working with us since the past many years for developing offline tube cuttig solutions.

We have firmly upheld our belief in total quality management, which we practise in each facet of work. The ISO 9001:2000 certification stands testimony to our quality commitment, besides the touching loyalty of our customers in the markets across the world.


Top Management

Rollform is a professionally run manufacturing enterprise with a team of highly qualified and accomplished domain experts and engineers.

This strong team is mentored and guided by the top management of the organization: -

K.K. Goel (Managing Director): A highly qualified engineer with more than 4 decades of experience in the steel tube industry, he has a penchant for Machinery building an innate passion for developing and delivering innovative solutions.

Aloke Choudhury (Technical Director): He is B. Tech (Hons) and M. Tech from IIT (Kharagpur). He has a vast experience in designing, attained during his association with well known companies all over the world in important capacities. Rollls Royce (U.K.), H.F. Schroder (Germany), Dorman Long (Switzerland) and AMA (Gulf) are a few of this previous employers.

S.K. Jain (Director): He is an electronics engineer with a brilliant record and wide experience in the field of design & development acquired over thirty years. He has worked tirelessly to help the company reach its present position under his technical guidance and inspiring work ethics.

Kunal Goel (Chief Operating Officer): An engineer with a strong incline towards system optimization, he is an alumnus of the premium B-school ISB, Hyderabad.