Solid State H.F. Welder

Solid State H.F Welder

To follow in line with our Tube Mill requirement, we incorporate state of the art Solid State High Frequency Welders by Unitherm® in our system.

Having come up as a result of extensive research and years of experience, Solid State technology is the new revolution in the Longitudinal Tube and Pipe Welding Industry. With remarkable technological advancements over the conventional vacuum tube welders, these Solid State Welders present the consumer with huge power savings.

We have successfully carried out installations of more than 400 High Frequency Welders worldwide. With each of these accomplishments our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has only strengthened over time.


Equipped with Automatic Load Impedance Matching, this piece of equipment ensures optimum performance for all pipe sizes run on the mill.

Available in a wide range of power ratings from 60 kW to 1200 kW, there Is a welder for all your requirements.

With an excellent efficiency of more than 85% and a unique transformer less design, the user gets an unmatched performance.

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