No Tube Mill is complete without a set of good quality Rolls. It is the Rolls that ultimately determine the quality of the end product. Rollform has over a decade old experience in designing & manufacturing of Rolls for Tube Mills. Use of latest CNC Machines, CAD/CAM design software and skilled workforce ensure production of consistent high quality Rolls.

Rollform has a dedicated design house for Rolls where we use a variety of software for designs with edge & ‘W’ formation. The profile is generated using a special software COPRA from dataM,Germany. Strain analysis is done to avoid overloading at any stage during forming. Optimum strip width is calculated with the help of software to increase material yield and to improve the weld quality of the tube.

Fully automatic Roll making process eliminates the scope for human error.

All Rolls are manufactured with the best quality material, sourced from reputed suppliers. The Rolls are heat treated and pass through stringent quality tests which further adds to the quality of the product.

Our range of Rolls is extensive and suitable for a wide variety of Tube Mills and Roll Forming Lines.

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