The driven cross roll Tube Straightening Machines offered by Rollform are designed to handle tubes of outer diameter from 12 mm to 127 mm in different models. These machines are based on well proven rotary pressure and deflection principle of straightening to provide a very high degree of straightness from 1 mm over 1000 mm to 1 mm over 3000 mm.
The rolls are mounted in pairs and are driven by two identical motors through helical gear boxes and universal spindle couplings. Built-in dial gauges for accurate roll setting, enabling easy and quick changeover from one tube size to another.


Model TUBE OD (mm) MAX WALL Thickness (mm) Speed (m/min)
Min Max
RST 40 1263.5 3 100
RST 100 20127 6 100


Hydraulic lift for entry bottom roll enabling smooth entry of tube into the machine

Fully automatic handling system.

Semi automatic handling system.

Fixed/Variable speed.

Load cell for pressure sensing with digital display

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