Rollforming Lines

roll toolling

Roll forming is a high-speed production process that can produce uniform cross sectional dimensions throughout the length of the part. It employs a series of paired roller dies to progressively shape a flat strip of metal into a desired contour such as a channel, an angle, or a tube in the process adding rigidity and strength to the metal.

Rollform designs and manufactures high speed Roll Forming Lines to produce various types of uniform cross sections. A Roll Forming Line with modular design, is the right machine for your present & future business needs. Very low set up and tool changeover time makes it possible to produce 3 to 4 or more profile shapes on a single line.

From raw coils to finished products, an excellent solution for in-line operations like de-coiling, punching, cutting, welding and folding is available. Considering the complexity of the application, PLC or CNC based automation systems are offered.


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