Rollform Revolutionizes Tube Straightening

Rollform has developed a straightening roll profile which can accommodate circular tubes/pipes of any diameter with 100% contact through the length of the roll. A feat that has never before been achieved by any Equipment Manufacturer in the world.

Designing this profile involved vector calculus and 3 Dimensional Geometry. The field of Differential Geometry, which is the application of vector calculus to vector geometry has a very important application in designing planes, space curves and surfaces. As a matter of fact Albert Einstein's theory of relativity used differential geometry for deriving expressions for analyzing the space time curvature.

We used differential geometric methods to derive accurate profiles which would ensure 100 % contact with the tubes' surface.

The performance of the straightening machine depends on the total contact length and proper contact between the pairs of rolls. Failing which, the straightening machine can become a tube bending machine. Normally the straightening machines we see in the market have improper and very minimal contact. In some places we observed that out of 3 pairs (in a 6 Roll Tube Straightening Machine), only one pair of rolls is in contact with the tubes. This implies that the machine is not serving its purpose. The operator would not get the desired level straightness even after multiple passes. This would not only increase the process time but would also severely affect the quality of the tubes. Tube manufacturers pay a premium to purchase 10 Roll Straightening Machines for higher straightness per mm of tube length, but without proper contact between the straightening rolls and the tube, this investment proves ineffective and futile.

For industries in the Automotive sector, where straightness of tubes is required in very close tolerances, conventional straightening machines fail to produce the desired results. Such stringent tolerances can only be catered to only when the Straightening Rolls offer maximum contact to the surface of the tube along it's entire length.

Rollform is proud to introduce it's new range of Straightening Machines to the market which guarantee a 100 % contact between the Straightening Rolls and the tube. Therefore ensuring highest degree of straightness per mm of tube length.